Graphic: face art to accompany item
Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering just why so many packets or wrappers are hard to get into. You might think those household bottles under your sink that fall over all the time have been designed by incompetents. The tedious truth is that all the bad, annoying, difficult, wasteful and inconsiderate packaging you ever encounter has been commissioned and then carefully designed, but by bought men and women.
These are men and women with shrivelled consciences who are owned by whatever company is paying them; men and women with no pride or principles. If people weren’t so venal, the world would be a much, much better place. That applies to numerous areas of life but the everyday irritations and frustrations of
packaging are like blisters on your heels - not life-threatening but bloody annoying and impossible to ignore. It is the job of business to be cost-effective but it’s the absence of conscience on the part of people working for business that lets “cost effective” equate to “sod the customer”. We should blister-pack the guilty.
Bloody Blisters